Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I am Australian. I live in a land filled with dangerous creatures. I should be able to handle having a snake in my backyard. I should. But no, I can't!

Last night, with a house full of guests, I discovered a snake in my backyard. Max, our lovely German Shepherd, was barking and barking and so I went to investigate and found the snake coiled near the retaining wall. When I say discovered, I really mean peering out through the darkness from the safety of the back step. Yes, I am a girl. I am a city girl. And this is probably only the second time in my whole life that I have seen a snake in the flesh (?). And I didn't handle it well.

I jumped on the phone to call my mum. Not sure what she could do as she hates snakes more than me. Luckily, she was able to be calm, not being in close proximity to the snake. Me? I was not so calm. I proceeded to burst into tears (such a girl!).

Having a house full of guests turned out to my advantage as it was mostly guys who were suddenly fascinated by the snake and eager to have a go at catching the thing - or to stand by and watch. All the girls were still safely inside the house!

In the end, I called the snake catcher in and he came and carried off the snake in a hessian bag to "rehome" him elsewhere. I just hope it's a long way elsewhere.

But, I am pleased to report, since I am housesitting at my sister's, both her chooks are still alive.

Great. I "love" chooks too (roast chicken, chicken nuggets....)

Do I need to mention that the snake was a harmless python? No? Ok, then I won't....

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Sarah said...

You big girl. A harmless 1.5 metre snake. No problem...