Sunday, April 26, 2009

One More Week

Only one more week at work and then I can burn all my "office worker" clothing...well, I could if it was legal to have a bonfire in the backyard!

Yep, only one more week as a Customer Service Agent at my call centre job, then a week in Brisbane, a week in Abu Dhabi and who knows how many weeks in London.

On Saturday, the people who had purchased my furniture came to collect it and in the space of two short hours, I went from living in a fully furnished one bedroom flat to living in a large and very echoey (is that even a word??) room. Only thing left to sell now is my fridge...any takers?

At the moment, I'm feeling OK about the move. It will probably be different tomorrow and then back to OK on Tuesday. I'm all over the place! But I guess that's to be expected. Looking forward to this week being over.

This week also sees the acting debut of my niece in her school play, which I am so looking forward to. Just another major event that I am happy to still be here for.

15 more sleeps...

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