Friday, April 24, 2009

Birthdays and Countdowns

My birthday was on Wednesday and I had the unique opportunity of spending my special day ... at work!

But it was a good day - only had one sort-of unpleasant call but they decided to hang up on me so it worked out well for all concerned.

Last night, the day after my birthday, I had a lovely roast dinner at mum and dad's with the family so apart from the shock that I get each time I even imagine saying my new age out loud, it was a good time all round.

Now that the birthday is over, I guess the official countdown should begin. As of today, there are now only 17 more sleeps until I fly out for Abu Dhabi and London. I know that while I have been impatiently waiting for this last week of work and the final couple of weeks before I leave, I am now struggling with how little time I have left. My mind is racing with all I have to do and all I seem to be able to manage is to move stuff from one place to another and nothing seems to get packed, sorted or thrown out. Then, I'm also trying to make sure I have everything I need, making time to catch up with friends and thinking about what I want to see here in Queensland before I go.

It seems all too big for me to get my head around, but then again, I have done it all before, surely I can do it again?

OK, I am thinking way to much and it's making my head hurt. It'll be "fine" ... and to quote Mark Wahlberg from the re-make of The Italian Job - "Fine stands for Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional". I think that describes me pretty well...

P.S. That would have been a VERY nice birthday present ... either Mark Wahlberg or the Mini Cooper ... I'm not fussed!

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