Sunday, April 12, 2009

This week...

This week, I only work two days, which when you're temping in a call centre, is always great news. Not so great for the old bank balance, but in my new "thinking positive" phase, I'm choosing not to focus on that point.

It's Easter weekend and so far I have dismantled my bed (ready for collection by the lady who will be purchasing it...if she ever gets in touch with me, that is (think positive, think positive!), polished and buffed my car to within an inch of it's life and managed to restore it back to (almost) it's former red glory, ready for my dad. I've sorted through my wardrobe and collected four large bags of clothes that I'll be donating to charity (and about four more bags to throw out that no one would seriously want!), packed a second suitcase to ship to myself in London and still found time to eat a few Easter eggs along the way!

After all that, I need a holiday! Good thing I'm off to Sydney on Thursday for my best friend's wedding. It'll be so great to catch up with her and her family and also our other family, the Clayton's (you know who you are!). I better sort out what I'm going to take for that - packing, packing, endless packing!

Tomorrow, it's movie day with the girls and we're off to see 17 Again with Zac Efron (oh, to be 17 again....), then work on Tuesday and Wednesday...12 days to go!


Sarah said...

17 again in deed. Poster of Zac Efron on my wall. Great movie. Ahhhh :)

Bec said...

It's an improvement on Jason Donovan!!