Friday, July 31, 2009

Prepared for all Seasons

I am sitting here in my lovely, quiet house, enjoying the first day of my three day weekend, thanks to grandparents who live in Devon, and what a week this has been.

After my day out in London last Saturday, it was back into work for a long week of five days in a row (I know!!) starting on Sunday. The weather has been mostly rubbish this week, so I have spent most of my days playing hide and seek, pretending to be a puppy, a spaceman in a rocket ship bound for a planet where "sweeties" (Translation: lollies for all the Aussies!) fall from the sky, bandaging imaginary wounds in the "hospital" (also known as the living room) or playing what seemed like endless hours of farmyards.

Imagine my delight when, on Thursday morning, the sun was shining brightly and we were off to see a pantomime in the park. I was really looking forward to going to my first London "Panto", and so, started the day on a great note. When I arrive downstairs, the first thing Little Boy Three says is, "Becs, I don't want to go to the show! I'm fed up of shows!!". Fed up at the age of three? Hmm.

Saying a sad farewell to the Panto, I pulled out my usual back up card...the playground. You can't go wrong!

Or can you...?

Clearly the weather had other ideas and no sooner had I got the two kids into their wellies and macks (just in is England, after all!), the heavens opened. Sigh! I got the kids out of their wellies and macks and what should happen? Yes, that's right. The sun came out. Back into wellies and macks we go, and then the rain started...again! Big sigh!

Five minutes later the rain stopped, but this time I waited, before getting them back into their gear and we made a mad dash for village, and almost made it home dry...but not quite! The afternoon turned out to be nice and sunny and quite warm, so it certainly pays to be prepared for all seasons here!

I am yet to get some proper wellies. As you may remember, I ordered some of Crocs wellie-type boots and they did arrive. I have hesitated mentioning them as, well, there is no other way to say it. They are huge!! The perfect shoe for those dark, dark winter nights, when the snow is so deep no one can see your shoes. Here is a picture of them and you'll see what I mean:

Huge, right! Is it just me, or do they remind you of Darth Vader?? I guess that's what you get for buying practical shoes online! There's a lesson in that for us all.

Today, I have stayed pretty much close to home to recover from the week. Tomorrow, I have some cleaning to do and I might head into Kingston to the cinema. Sunday, I'll be heading back into the city, this time to Kensington Palace and Gardens and to Notting Hill, I think. The weather should be nice, or so "they" say...not quite ready to trust them yet. Will be prepared for all seasons though...


Paula said...

Wow, that's a busy week. And yes, I did think of Darth Vadar when I saw your wellies. Are you keeping them? They could come in handy, as part of a game? Such as.. "Quickly, quickly, or the wellies will get/grab/eat you", all in fun, I mean, of course. :) Terrific of you to post a photo.

Sarah said...

I dont think they are that bad. Sure they're big but they will keep your feet dry and when you have them on and it's raining cats and dogs outside and the people running past you have very wet feet, you can smile to yourself and be glad you have them. Luke Skywalker will love you.