Friday, July 24, 2009

Lazy Days and Practical Shoes

My hours have changed this week and I've been working mornings which has led to three lazy afternoons in a row. Which have been great, don't get me wrong, but I need to get back out and walk. I have actually missed it! Who would have thought?

I can't even blame the weather anymore because last week, I bought a rain jacket. My first purchase in preparation for the wet months ahead. My second purchase arrives tomorrow...wellies! But not just any old wellies. Oh, no! I discovered that Crocs make a boot similar to a wellie (welly?) and I have ordered a pair online. If they turn out to be as comfortable as my regular Crocs, then I'll be set all year round!

OK, as I'm typing this, I realise that I have become a purchaser of practical, comfortable shoes. When did that happen? Am I old? I love shoes. Why am I now leaning towards the practical? It's quite scary!

I think I need to go shopping...

I've got the next 72 hours off and don't work again until Sunday, so tomorrow, Friday, I'm off to Richmond because I don't think I've given the place a proper look. Then on Saturday, I'll be heading to London to see if I can score some cheap tickets to Wicked. Been wanting to see it for ages!


Paula said...

Oh, good luck for getting the tickets. I've heard Wicked is an excellent production - would love to see it over there.

I understand all about Crocs. I thought they looked so odd, until I bought a pair, and since then I have been hooked. Even though the fad is finshed, I still look for them in the shops, and refuse to chuck my old pair out (actually have two pairs, one yellow, and one white with flowers).

They make all other shoes feel so cramped. However, when wearing other shoes, your feet instantly feel all dainty.

Hope you'll post a pic. of your new wellies when they arrive. :)

Bec said...

Will do! Still waiting for them to get here...

When you do come over, just remember that Royal Mail is nowhere near as reliable as Australia Post!! Even if they do deliver on Saturdays :-)