Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Heat Wave

The weather has been really hot here this week and the next few days are set to be more of the same, and one thing I have noticed is how much the Brits really do talk about the weather.

For me, this weather is just a regular Queensland early summer's day (not even that hot yet!), and while I understand that it is such a novelty for the UK to be so warm, it still surpised me the amount of conversation about the heat the last couple of days.

The one thing that I must remember that you can't escape into a shop to get away from the heat. Most of the shops aren't air conditioned. I'm sure they are very warm in winter, but that doesn't help me now!

Also this week, I have noticed for the first time the cars in the car park at school pick up. You know you're really in another world when the cars in the car park comprise of a Bentley, Jag and nothing less common than a BMW. Not a Vauxhall in sight!

This is also the last week of school before the summer holidays, which I am looking forward to, in some ways. My hours should increase and my pay along with it, which will be very nice indeed. Lots of activities to plan - trips to the coast, pantomimes, picnics in the park...the stress of work!

Last Sunday I went to London and spent eleven hours in the city...five of those were spent on public transport. My first bus ride was diverted, then terminated halfway to our destination. We all got off the bus and waited for 15 minutes, before getting back on the same bus (which hadn't moved from the spot!) and finished the journey. The first tube ride from Ealing Broadway went off without a hitch and then I cruised along the Thames to Greenwich. After Greenwich, the tube and bus ride home took two hours. The District line was down for works and after taking the wrong line (entirely my fault!), I managed to catch the Central Line back to Ealing Broadway and then home...only for the bus ride home to also be diverted!

Welcome to London!

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