Sunday, July 5, 2009

How's the Serenity?

What a week!

I am exhausted. It's been really hot here and the kids I look after have all can I put this nicely? On edge? Slightly irritable? A bit peaky?

This week started off on a bad note. After my mammoth expedition into London and all the travel hassles last Sunday, I was already tired. Add to that heat and crazed children, let's just say, it's not a good mix.

Monday, I had four kids for the afternoon, all hyped up and screaming through the house. (Well, it was just two doing the screaming, but it felt and sounded like all four!) Tuesday, I walked to my second job in the heat, got a blister (even while wearing my new Crocs that up until that day had been the most comfortable shoes I have ever had!) and tried to keep two kids cool inside when all they wanted to do was play outside. Wednesday at my second job, I cheated and caught the bus to school pick up and even considered sneaking into the nearby polo field to lie under the sprinkers (until I found out it was river water!). Headed off to second school pick up of Wednesday, on foot, and picked up two kids who just wanted to stop in the blazing sun and collect rocks. Thursday, was fairly mild, but on Friday morning, all hell broke loose when Little Boy 3 decided to announce to his sister, Little Girl 5, who still has a week to go at school, that he has finished school already, ha ha, which then triggered tears, screaming and a whole lot of noise. I usually hide out in my room until they have left for the school drop off, but sadly, I chose this day to get up early and go shopping! Then on Saturday, I made the fateful decision to take the kids with me to the bus...on a Saturday! Yes, I really think I AM mad!

Now it's Saturday afternoon and I am again hiding out in my room (my choice!) as the kids have friends over...twins!! I think that would truly do me in.

So I am enjoying a small moment of peace and's the serenity?!

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