Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Heart London

I. Love. London.

There. I said it. I always knew I would like London, but today, well, I fell in love.

It wasn't just one thing, but a lot of little things. Like finding Leicester Square peaceful and quiet on a Saturday morning. Maybe it was queueing (that great British past time!) for matinee tickets for Hairspray (Wicked was sold out) or discovering that Charing Cross Road is the place to go for bookstores.

Perhaps it was killing a couple of hours on Oxford Road (which can be a dangerous and expensive thing to do!) or even the crazy lady on the tube ride home, holding a glow in the dark crucifix up to everone near her and muttering to herself about how she was going to save the world!

Yes, all these things, but truthfully, the one point I just knew that this city had stolen a piece of my heart was when I was on my feet with the rest of the audience in The Shaftesbury Theatre, clapping in time to You Can't Stop The Beat, crying and laughing at the same time, knowing that if I wanted to see a show, I could just go see one. No waiting for one to come to your town. They are all right here, waiting for me.

Yes. I love London.


Sarah said...

Now I am jealous. Glad you enjoyed the show.

Bec said...

I loved it...have I said that already??

Michael said...

Cool. I'm moving to London in September. I'm still a bit intimidated by the sheer size of the place. Thanks for keeping this blog you make London look awesome :)

Bec said...

Hey Michael! Good luck with your move. Yes, it is a bit intimidating, but it helps to break it down and explore small bits at a time. One day, I'm just going to go to a random tube station, armed with just my map (tip: never go anywhere without one!!) and just see what there is to see!
Thanks for reading my blog! :-)