Sunday, February 1, 2009


I know it's Superbowl Sunday, but when you're watching it Down Under, then Sunday is Monday...if you know what I mean.

Now, since I am still at work tomorrow (but can see the light at the end of the tunnel now!), and will miss the live coverage of the big game, I don't want to know the score before I see the game.

Usually this isn't a problem. But then, there has never been an Australian in the Superbowl before. Ben Graham, the punter for the Arizona Cardinals and a former Geelong (Aussie Rules) player, will be making his debut in the big time. While that is a great achievement for him, where does that leave the rest of us Aussie fans, unable to watch it live and do not want to know the score before they get the chance to watch the delayed telecast? In a total media blackout, that's where!

The Australian media has been all over the story. For a normal Superbowl, they make mention of it in the sports section of the evening news and that's about all. This year, I am going to have to avoid, from around lunchtime, all internet news sites, all radio, converstaions overheard at lunch and on the train home. There will be no TV for me until 7pm, when we all gather at my brother-in-law's to watch the game.

Can it be done? I hope so.

But then again, the Superbowl is NOT all about me! Go Ben Graham, the boy from Geelong - make us proud!

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