Monday, February 9, 2009

What if...

Today I booked and paid for my flight to London.

Instead of feelings of excitement, I felt an acute attack of the "what if's". What if I couldn't get any temp work after the end of February? What if my visa application wasn't approved? What if I couldn't get a job in London? What if, after I have sold everything, I had to come back home to nothing? What if no one bought my stuff?

I could go on...and I did. Most of the afternoon. In my head, luckily, for those who had to work with me.

As it turns out, I left work early today as the train lines were down on my route home and they were shuttling everyone home by bus, and on my two hour bus journey home, the temp agency I am registered with called and they have a job for six weeks...starting Wednesday! The job is not what I would have normally chosen, but the pay is really good, so I have accepted it. Which means, my last day at my current job is tomorrow! Of course, they don't know this yet. That takes care of one of my "what if's".

Then, even before I got home, I got a call from a friend who wants to buy my treadmill! This treadmill has pretty much sat unused since I moved back into my place after Christmas (so much for New Years Resolutions!). So it looks like my stuff will be purchased and I'm worrying over nothing.

But you know the best thing? I hadn't got around to that testing the recruitment agency gave me to do yet ... and it looks like I won't need to after all!

My two-finger typing skills live to see another day.

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