Friday, February 13, 2009

Where am I?

I'm not quite sure what has gone on this week. You could say it's been a little bit full-on!

Monday: my day starts as any normal Monday at my job - quiet. At lunchtime, I walk down to the travel agent at pick up my ticket to London. I manage to escape work early to avoid being trapped in the city due to the cancellation of all trains on my line that afternoon. After waiting for a bus and a trip home that took two hours, I have accepted a temporary position in a call centre until the end of March.

Tuesday: first thing at work, I tell the boss and my line manager that today will be my last day. Then spend the day finalising all my work and handing my job over to...well, no one since they made the position redundant! At least someone else gets to sort out the problems with the printer now! Cheesecake, a card, a farewell afternoon tea and I'm done. Adios old job.

Wednesday: on my way to my new job, eager not to be late, a lady collapses on my train carriage and an ambulance needs to be called. We are transferred to another train and after a long wait, I am only 15 minutes late...for a call centre job...where every minute is accounted for...not a good start! Long day of information overload and new friends made.

Thursday: more information and now getting confused! They let us listen in on phone calls in the afternoon and it starts to make some sense. Plans made with the girls for lunch tomorrow.

Friday: day three. More training, more eavesdropping on calls, lunch at a Chinese restaurant, a mad dash back to the office in the rain (making my hair all frizzy!), 4.51pm arrives and we call it a day. Get home to payslip from old job and final pay in the bank! Also, thanks to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, $900 on it's way, too!

So, at the end of this week, I'm not sure where I am. But I'm closer now to where I am going.

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