Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Locked up inside a large, Government call-centre, solving the endless problems of the world's (or Australia's, at least!) unemployed and generally bringing hope and sunshine to the masses.

OK. So that's just a little bit of an exaggeration. I am actually working in a call-centre, but as to the hope and sunshine, I can only try.

Since I left my last job, and after surviving my week of training, I have been on the phones for just over a week now and I am actually enjoying it. For the first time in ages, I am working as part of a team, rather than being isolated on reception, and every call I take has been different. Some have been VERY different!

There have been plenty of things to keep us all entertained - phone calls being diverted to wherever they feel like, resulting in a flood of calls coming in that I am not trained to handle. Electrical storms that shut us down for half an hour, turning a normally quiet call centre into a hive of activity with people actually having the chance to talk to one another.

It's good to feel busy at work again and the days are flying by. I have been neglecting my blog and my e-mail inbox is overflowing. The last thing I want to do when I get home is spend more time in front of the computer.

In other news, my niece turned 10 on the weekend and we had a roller skating party with ten of her friends on Sunday. Where have the years gone? Wasn't it just the other day that I went to the hospital after my shift at The Mansions Apartments and held her for the first time when she was less than ten hours old?

Update on the London plans: I am sending off my application for my ancestry visa on Friday after my appointment to have all my biometric data recorded (retina scanned, fingerprints taken, DNA analysed, blood tested, MRI, CATSCAN, kidney donated...!).

Wish me luck!

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