Sunday, December 20, 2009

'Twas the Week Before Christmas

This week there has been a lot of excitement about snow...and mostly just from me! The Brits don't seem to feel the same as I do about snow, they see it as an inconvenience, instead of looking at its beauty. Yes, I understand the travel chaos it can cause, but after all, it's snow, people! There are so many people in the world who've never even seen the stuff. Maybe after I've been here for a few years, my views on snow will change, but for now, I love it and hope there is more to come.

On Wednesday, the first snow began to fall, which coincided with the kids last day at school, so we drove to Richmond Park and had a snowball fight and a bit of a play in the snow. By Thursday, it had all washed away. Oh, well. I have not given up hope of snow for Christmas Day.

Last Sunday I went to a Carols service at church, which was fantastic. It was a very cold night and obviously, we were inside, but it did remind me of the many carols services I have been to back home, outdoors, in your shorts on a hot night, the poor bloke dressed as Santa melting in his suit! It sometimes feels like Christmas, even though it's cold and I've been playing all my corny Christmas albums at every opportunity to get into the spirit.

I am so glad that I finished all my Christmas shopping last week. I really don't want to go near any stores if I can help it! I did have to make another trip to the Post Office though, and was not surprised by the "service"...I have come to expect it. The guy behind the glass (I can't call him "the guy who served me", because there was no service involved!) spent the whole transaction on facebook on his iPhone! There are no more words...

My auntie and uncle arrive from Melbourne tomorrow and I'll be spending Christmas with them at my cousin's house. Not sure how I'll get there yet since there are NO buses or tube trains that run on Christmas Day, and just to make it fun, the taxi's are impossible to find and charge you extra...just another joy of Christmas!

On a festive note, the kids and I made a very cool snowman for the playroom, along with some pretty impressive snowflakes. I love my job!

Well, so far, that is my lead up to Christmas. Tomorrow, I am off to church again for a Christmas family service...with my family (the ones that are here at least!), then it will be a few days of "work" as normal, then Christmas 2009 will be here.

Oh, and it will be will be white...please??


Sue C. said...

Been enjoying your blog tremendously. Hope you get your white Christmas! Happy holidays! =]

Bec said...

Thanks, Sue! Happy Holidays to you too! :-)