Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Joy of (sending presents home for) Christmas

Ah, Royal Mail, how I love thee.


This last week, it seemed I spent most of my life at the Post Office in an attempt to get my Christmas presents sent home to Australia before the cut off date this Friday.

On my first attempt, I purchased a box that was far too large and had to return to buy a smaller one the following day. Having done this, I packed all the presents into the box, a perfect fit and trekked back to the Post Office to send it. After waiting in the queue for just under half an hour, having the box weighed, I was told it would cost over 60 pounds to send home. What? Sixty pounds?? Unfortunately, it was true. I hate to say it, but the gifts did not even cost that much!

Apparently, it was just 300 grams over the 2 kilos that would have made it much less. The guy behind the counter told me that I could split the parcel, that was a perfect fit, into two smaller parcels, it would cost me about half that. Great. Another trip to the Post Office is just what I need at this time of year. So I dragged the parcel home to re-pack it into two smaller ones, which turned out not to be such a perfect fit, and so some presents needed to be "adjusted" (sorry, Caitlin, but you'll get the rest for your birthday!).

Back at the Post Office today, I joined the queue, which was even longer than yesterday, and managed to send the two parcels on their way to Brisbane.

Online shopping next Christmas? What a great idea!

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