Thursday, December 10, 2009

Skype and the 'office' Christmas Party

I seem to always be behind the times when it comes to technology.

I bought my first mobile phone in 2002, my first digital camera in 2004, only joined facebook 12 months ago and have finally downloaded Skype...yesterday! Why I waited so long, I'll never know.

So that means this Christmas, I'll be able to open my presents 'with' my family in Brisbane. The wonders of technology.

But that will also mean no more phone calls when I've just gotten out of bed, hair sticking out in all directions!

Today, I am starting my second round of Christmas shopping for the people I know here, since my first lot are winging their way to Australia as we speak...I hope. This round of present shopping is late, I know, with just over two weeks until Christmas, but I am armed with my list and hope to get in, buy everything on my list, within my budget, and get out before the crowds get worse. Yes, I am delusional!

On the work front, the past couple of weeks have been pretty standard, and the kids both finish school for the Christmas holidays next Wednesday at 12noon. Which should be very interesting since their schools are about a half hour drive between them. Then they have just over three weeks of holidays, and it's down to me to entertain them rain, hail, (snow??) and shine.

I was thinking about my past life as a receptionist the other day and this would have been the time of the Christmas Party that was usually down to me to help organise. Oh, how I do not miss the office Christmas Party! No matter what you planned, someone wouldn't be happy, people would never confirm or decide to bring guests at the last minute. There would be the one obnoxious drunk (or seven!) and the person who falls down and seriously injures themselves. The only thing I am organising this year is the making of a snowman out of cardboard and cotton wool. Hmm, let's see...what do I prefer?

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