Friday, August 27, 2010

The End of Chapter One

Last Saturday was my last day at work. Since then, I've been packing, getting lost at Heathrow, looking after my little cousins and trying to get some quality sleep on an air mattress!

Now, as I am getting ready to start my new job tomorrow, I've been looking back on the past 16 months. It has been an amazing experience and I was truly fortunate to be welcomed into the home and lives of such a great family. I will miss the kids a lot but I will still get to see them. It was certainly one of the best decisions I made to get out of the whole Monday to Friday 9-5.

So, on the eve of the next chapter, I am excited. I am definitely looking forward to seeing more of the world and also the chance to be part of a new family. It's not like I'm moving to a new country. I think I'll like living in NW London.

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