Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Here I Go Again

The past few days, I have been sorting through all my stuff and starting to pack up my life once more, ready for my move to the wild frontier that is West Hampstead at the end of this month.

This month will also see the arrival of the replacement for my current position, which I'm actually looking forward to as she comes in the form of my friend, Hannah. Yep, Hannah, who was here last year for our trip to Paris, is coming to take over from me. It'll be great to have her here and I know I'll still get to see the kids. I am starting to get excited about my new job...and a bit scared at the same time. But I have to remember that they chose me to come and live with them and I know this is the right move for me at this stage of my new career.

So while Hannah packs up her life in New Orleans, I'm packing up mine here. Time to move on again. One day, I'm sure I'll be done with all the moving around and be more than happy to settle down in one place. As for when that day will come, I have no idea!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I dont know if that time will ever come. You love travelling too much. Have fun with the pack up.