Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Randomness of London

Last night, my friend Hannah and I headed out to the Novello Theatre to see Adam Garcia in Tap Dogs before the season ended on 5th September.

It was an amazing show...however, we found the following notice in our programs:

"At this performance, the role of Foreman will be played by Douglas Mills"

What?? Who is he?? I didn't pay 40 pounds to see Douglas Mills! I mean, he is a very talented dancer, don't get me wrong, but I found it hard to get over just who he wasn't. Still, an awesome show!

After the show, we walked back to Covent Garden tube station, only to be greeted on the platform by a guy hugging and kissing everyone, as you do! He was a little drunk.

One long hug and several kisses on the cheek later, the train arrived and who should be in the same carriage? Yep, slightly-drunk-kissing-guy! He spotted Hannah and I and came back for more, creating way more attention than I ever try to draw to myself on the tube! Turns out, he was also a fellow Brisbanite from Morningside on the South Side (and declared the "relationship" over when he found out I was from the North Side!!).

His friend then came along to drag him away...strangely enough, to catch his train to West Hampstead! He could be my new neighbour...

A classic, random London moment!


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Sarah said...

Oh that is so funny. You never know who you will meet. Fancy meeting some one from Brisbane on the tube in London. And even be kissed by him. You never know where this might lead.... :) xxx