Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear John...The Gala Event

Yes, it's true! The day after last week's failed attempt to see Dear John, I received an e-mail from LoveFilm telling me that I had won their Dear John competition...a ticket to the Gala Screening...PLUS a Q&A with Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried after the movie! So not only do I get to see the movie (finally!), I get to meet the stars up close. I didn't mention it earlier, in case I couldn't get there for some reason and then that would have been a really boring post!

After I had arranged another early afternoon off work, I made the trip into the city for the second time today (I had taken the kids to The Transport Museum this morning), to the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square and arrived a whole hour early, happy to stand in the cold and the rain, until they opened the doors at 6.00pm.

I managed to get a seat four rows from the front and without giving too much away, the movie was brilliant (better than the book, especially at the end...that's all I'll say!).

As the credits were rolling, out came Channing and Amanda for the Q&A session that lasted about half an hour. Can I just be all girly and teenager-y (?) for a minute? Yes? OK. Guess what?? Channing walked right past me and in one of my photos (above) he is looking right at me!! He is just yummy!

OK. Back to acting my age now! It was a great night out and you just have to see the movie.


Em said...

Bec, that is super super cool! Like oh my goodness crazy cool! I don't think I would have been able to contain myself.

Last year I went to a premiere of 17again with Zac efron and while on the red carpet, Zac got out of his car right in front of me and I had a very girly moment in which i whelled up and couldn't talk...just stand there dumb founded and in awe! But I wouldn't have changed it for the world!

I am glad it turned out even better than you expected! Oh and I am a little jealous!

Love ya stacks,

Love em

Bec said...

Thanks Em! I can just picture you there with Zac!! :)