Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some of My Favourites

Here are some of my favourite things and places in London so far:

Elderflower cordial - my boss makes her own and it is delicious. Nothing at all like it in Australia and it tastes great mixed with sparkling water. You can buy it in the shops which tastes nice too. The best brand I have tried is Belvoir Farms Elderflower Presse.

Harrods - I just love this store, even when crowded with people. My favourite part are the Food Halls. I hardly ever buy anything, but I just love to wander around and look at all the displays. They do sell great Norwegian sparkling water though...for a price! The toilets are fantastic too. They have perfumes you can spray on yourself so you smell like you belong there, even if you're dressed more for wandering around BHS (that's British Home Stores).

Marks and Spencer - what a great idea. Supermarket and department store in one! My latest discovery is the Blueberry and Pomegranate Sparkling Water (do you get the feeling I really like sparkling water?) and their white chocolate chip cookies.

Pimms - a scrummy summer drink, served with lemonade, orange, strawberry and mint. Very nice!

Walking in the city - I need to after all those M&S cookies! London is so easy to get around and you can miss so much by just riding the tube. It will take you longer, you'll have to dodge the crowds of people pretty much wherever you go, but it's pretty flat and if you slip on your Crocs (highly recommended!), grab your map and hit the streets, you will get to know this city so much better.

The Tube - as much as I advocate walking, riding the tube is fun as it's the perfect place to people-watch. You need to be a bit careful though, because this is England after all and few people will make eye contact on the tube. I like going down the escalators at the tube stations, so far under the city and then jumping on a low, narrow train, thundering along a tube only inches wider than the train itself and coming out in a whole new part of London all, hopefully, in the space of a few minutes. I guess I like it so much because I've never really thought about the fact that it is so far underground...

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Sarah said...

Love your favourite things. Thats so great. Jealous? Yes....