Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Hottest Day of the far!

OK. I've been here three months now, so I feel British enough to indulge in a truly British past time...discussing the weather.

Today is 30 degrees, and according to Capital FM, the hottest day of the year so far. Since I have been in London, there have been about 6 days that have been the hottest day so far. I am still Australian enough to realise that 30 degrees is not hot. It's just a nice, summer's day.

But it feels hot here. This country is very good at keeping us all warm in winter, but when it comes to keeping us cool in summer...well, not so great. A hot day in Australia sends people into the airconditioned shops to escape the heat. Here, it's often cooler outside. Today, I had to resort to some Aussie summer survival skills. I closed all the curtains early to keep the house cool, opened the windows for the breeze and made sure to drink plenty of water.

While I am talking of the weather, mention needs to be made of that truly scary British male. You know the one. The one who feels the need to wander around shirtless, pale and hairy-backed in the middle of the city at the first glimpse of the sun. Seriously, what is the deal with THAT?

OK, I understand that the sun is not out often here and you have to enjoy it while you can, but please men, put your shirts back on! If you're on the beach, by all means, take that shirt off. In the city, leave it on. Your skin, and most of the people who see you, will thank you for it!

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