Friday, August 28, 2009

Finding Facebook Friends

Facebook, you've done it to me again.

Every now and then, I log onto facebook and do a random search for someone who has popped into my mind, which usually leads to another search, then another, and know how it goes!

This morning I was up until 1am, searching for old school friends on my high school page. Not really the best idea since I have to work today, but I managed to find a couple of "friends". (Can we really call people that if we haven't seen them for 20 years and hardly knew them at all at school?).

And when did everyone get so old? It was hard to recognise some people, while others seemed to have not changed at all. The search is harder when you have to deal with married names too. So, everyone is old and married. How did that all happen?

In other news, I got my British licence in the post yesterday. It's all shiny and new and somehow, they have taken a fairly decent photo and managed to make it look like a mugshot! Do they do that deliberately?

This weekend is a Bank Holiday here, and I briefly considered going along to the Notting Hill Carnival, but while reading about it online, I discovered that some people do not use the porta-loos provided and I decided it was not the best place for me to spend the day in my Crocs! Think about it...!

Anyway, it's my cousins birthday so we'll now be having a BBQ on Monday instead. Nice!

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