Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Week That Was

What a week! The builders have been in and ripped out all my walls and put up new gyprock all ready for painting this week. Hopefully I can move back home by Wednesday.

Meanwhile, I have been living upstairs with my sister, brother-in-law, 9 year old niece and the German Shepherd, Max! It's a full house.

Yesterday, we had 40 plus people at the house for mum and dad's 40th wedding anniversary party. We planned a high tea and it went off without a hitch...but I am exhausted today. After thinking there wouldn't be enough food, we had so much left over. Thank goodness for morning tea after church today. A perfect opportunity to "offload" the leftovers! Everyone was happy! Back to the party, we surprised mum and dad with some family members who came up from Melbourne and also with a trip to New Zealand, so I think they were pretty pleased with that!

Since I am on holidays from my regular job, I have been doing my "other" job, as a temporary nanny for the school holidays. It has been fun but full-on! I have had a few activities planned, but so far all the kids have wanted to do is watch TV or play on the Wii. What can you do? At least they are happy! This week, however, I will have a few more kids to care for and so I'm planning some games and activities to do so we'll see how they go down with the kids. The house I am at seems to be a drop in centre for all the kids in the neighbourhood, so at any given time, my four kids can double to eight or drop down to two. Most of the houses at this end of the street just leave their front doors open so the kids can come and go. Not quite sure how I feel about that, but so far, no one has gone missing or been run over by a car, so I guess it's all good!

Tomorrow, I have an appointment for a haircut, a real haircut. Not a trim but a cut. After growing my hair long for about a year, the time has come for a cut. I do this all the time. I grow my hair long. Get annoyed with it. Get it cut off. Get annoyed with it. Grow my hair long....and the cycle continues! Maybe it's a girl thing! So, it's off to the hairdresser with me.

So, a pretty busy week. I still have one and a half weeks of holiday and I think I'll be looking forward to getting behind my desk for a good rest....but not quite yet!

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Sarah said...

Go the nanny job. Have fun with all those kids :)