Saturday, January 10, 2009


The builders have finally given me a date. They will be here on Tuesday to tear out all my walls.

I'll be homeless. Sort of.

I will be moving in with the landlords upstairs (also known as my sister and brother-in-law) until all the work is done.

So, I am packing and moving - again. Having been back in my place for a week and a half and un-packing all my stuff, I now need to pack it all back up and cover everything with plastic sheets. What a fun way to spend the weekend!

It actually gives me the opportunity to throw out a whole lot of stuff. I have been putting it off for too long and it needs to be done. Each time I have started though, I end up moving stuff from one place to another and never throwing things away. I need to get tough and just do it. I have never been a big hoarder, but with this move to London, I am selling most of my stuff and won't have any place to store anything beyond one box or so (one box will be OK in your garage won't it, mum?). This means throwing out a whole lot of stuff that I haven't been able to part with before.

I keep thinking to myself, do I really need it? The answer: probably not, but I want it.

I'm going to need to have a massive garage sale....

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