Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Australia Day 2010

So last year, I spent Australia Day watching the NFL and thinking that it would be my last Australia Day in Australia for a while. Here I am in London, with my tiny Aussie flag on my wall, set to celebrate the day...very quietly, I guess.

It got me thinking how I have spent Australia Days Past, and the ones that stick in my mind are always the ones spent with family and friends, usually surrounding a BBQ, a swimming pool and then a trip into the city or to the beach to watch the fireworks. With a top temperature estimated to be 3 degrees here in London tomorrow, I can't see me doing the first two things. But fireworks? Surely, with the amount of Aussies that call this city home, there will be some fireworks. You can buy them in the supermarket here so what better excuse than Australia Day.

I made a pit stop at The Australia Shop in Covent Garden last weekend for supplies for the day, but since I have already eaten and drunk them (!), I will need to make do with a packet of Tim Tams...if Tesco still sell them. Please tell me they do!

But what matters most of all is not my location or my lack of all things Aussie, but the fact that I am Australian. Where I live will not change that.

Happy Australia Day, everyone!

(and if you are a fellow Aussie out there, away from home and a whole lot more organised than I am, then have a Vegemite sandwich, a lamington, a lamb chop, a cherry ripe, Anzac biscuit or whatever takes your fancy, for me!)

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JayP said...

We've just watched some great Australia Day fireworks whilst watching the Australian Open Tennis Championships.

Happy Australia Day in London!