Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And, in case you haven't had enough... are some more snow pictures.

I guess I will get tired of all the white stuff eventually, but not today!


Paula said...

The snow, and your pictures, are magical. I'd say to enjoy it all, as long as possible. :)

Bec said...

I plan to Paula! :-)

JayP said...

Hi. Well done on being chosen as expat blog of the month - just come to your blog from there. Enjoyed the article - I'm a Manchester girl now in Fethiye, Southwest Turkey so am glad you liked Manchester! We also used expat blog before starting our blog as well.

Would have loved to enjoy the snow in the UK this year. I'm just enjoying other people's photos of it instead. Will continue to read your posts about your life in London - I know more about Istanbul than London.

Well done again


Sue C. said...

Lovely pictures of the snow. Looks like the world is frozen in time =]