Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Settling In

Since it's been about four weeks since I first arrived in London, I think it's time I blog about how I have found my first month in my new city.

One thing I have to say is that it is so different from last time. Mind you, last time I landed first in a small village at the foot of the Scottish highlands in the dark of night, on my own and unexpected by the hotel I would be working for. This time, I have to say I have landed on my feet. I was met at the airport by family and whisked off to my new home, all in the sunny light of day and then off to a good old Aussie BBQ. It couldn't have been more different from that cold, dark September Sunday back in 2003.

I started work on the Monday after I arrived and my first few weeks as a nanny were very easy and relaxing. The difference between my pervious career and my new one is glaring. For one thing, I look forward to going to work now, my migraines have gone and I probably only take about two phone calls a day, if that! Now that I've been working for four weeks, and having picked up two extra days work for this school term, I've found that I'm really busy and it's such a change from being bored and stuck in an office with no window. These days, my day consists of trips to the playground, football in the park, flying to New York in imaginary aeroplanes in the backyard and driving a huge 4WD through the narrow streets of London. More adventure than I ever had in an office!

I have also been playing the tourist in my own town, and have seen so much already! Sunday is usually my day off and so I head into the city to explore. Here are some of the places I've seen:

Albert Memorial in Hyde Park

St Paul's Cathedral


Buckingham Palace from St James Park


Big Ben and Houses of Parliament at Westminster

The London Eye

Carnaby Street, Soho

There is still so much more to see but I have time to do it all!

The weather has just been amazing. The sun has shone most days and although I know it won't last, I have been enjoying it while I can.

Thinking back to all the dramas I had last time, especially moving to Manchester and setting up the house with gas and council tax and all that "fun" stuff, I am sure that it prepared me for this move. I had some idea of what to expect. The only thing that I had bit of trouble with was setting up my bank account,even though it was nowhere near as difficult as last time. Once again, if you're planning to move over to the UK, I highly recommend buying a bank account package before hand.

So, after being here for just over four weeks, I have an Oyster card and am thinking in pounds rather than Australian dollars. I know there will no doubt be some tough times, but at the moment I am enjoying the smooth ride. It really helps to have family so close.

If anyone out there is thinking of making the move, I say just do it. It's an amzing opportunity and I intend to make the most of it!

I'll try to look out for some interesting observations on British life to blog about. I did see a three-wheeled car the other day...watch out for Mr Bean!


Sarah said...

Glad your settling in. I cant believe it has been a month already. The photos look great. Have fun

Shaylee said...

Bec you sound so happy. CAn i ask what a Bank Account package is? cant u just walk in show ur id and open a bank account?