Friday, June 5, 2009

The New Career

This has been a pretty busy week and it's so good to be busy at's been a long, long time!

My new career as a nanny is going great. I don't know why I didn't do this earlier, instead of wasting away inside drab, grey offices with no windows.

This is what my "working" week has involved so far: day trip to Ham House to explore the gardens and enjoy delicious scones under a shady tree in the Orangery, feeding the ducks on Ham Common with ice creams under the tree, football in the park, taking a sneak peek at movie-making-in-progress next door, strolling to and from work along shady country lanes...I could go on!

As my nanny job is only part time, this week I have picked up two extra days working for another family for the school term, boosting my salary. Life at the moment is very good!

When I haven't been working, I've been getting out and exploring the area, and doing a bit of shopping. One thing I have noticed is that of all the new clothes I've bought, they have all been colours! When I was working in the office, I pretty much wore just black and white. It's great to have more colour in my life!

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