Tuesday, June 23, 2009

London Life - The Pale Man and the Harrods Perfumed Ladies Toilet

I thought I would start another title for blogs in which I can add any random thing I have observed from life in London...London Life!

Now the title of this blog does refer to two different events that did however take place on the same day, but are totally unrelated, just in case you were wondering what the pale man was up to in the perfumed ladies toilet in Harrods.

This weekend I spent the Sunday in London again and once more stopped in Harrods to use the bathroom. They have always fascinated me, the toilets in posh locations and while I have always held the washrooms in Harrods in high esteem, since making the trip to Dubai, have found them, this time, to not quite measure up.

The Ladies Washrooms at Harrods do, however, feature a range of designer perfumes that are free to use. So after taking care of the business you went in for, you can then sample a designer perfume to try and convince the world (or at least the rest of the store) that you smell like you belong there, even if your jeans, t-shirt and comfortable walking shoes beg to differ.

It makes you feel that little bit special.

Well, it would if you sprayed yourself with moderation, and managed to avoid giving yourself a headache for the rest of the day. I'll know better next time!

On the way home from London, while waiting for my connecting bus home from the station, a man walked past me. A very, very pale man. My first thought, "Get some sunshine!". Then I stopped. And remembered. I too have a very pale complexion and even though I have some lingering sunburn that could almost pass as a tan, I have no right to call anyone else pale!

What's more, recommending sunshine to someone that pale...I should have known better. So I apologise, Mr Pale. I am the same as you. I just got sidetracked by my sunburn-posing-as-a-tan!

How's that for some totally useless information about London Life? I can go one better. The girl who served me in Harrods, her surname was Barbosa, which left me thinking about Will Turner and Captain Jack Sparrow for the rest of the day!

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