Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Start at the very beginning (a very good place to start)

I am moving to London - changing countries, changing careers and hopefully changing myself. That is the reason for this blog. But this won't be the first time I have packed up my life into one suitcase (weighing no more than 20kgs, of course!) and travelled to the other side of the world in search of....adventure? Maybe. Something new? Yes. An opportunity to live the dream? Definately!

I have always wanted to travel and see the world, but was always putting it off, so when a friend one day sent me an sms asking did I want to go to Scotland, I jumped at the chance. That was back in 2002 and I spent a whole year working and saving, saving and working and then jumped on that plane and off I went.

It was such a great experience. Don't get me wrong. It had it's fair share of the good, the bad and the ugly.

I lived in Scotland for 6 months in a small village called Crieff (home of the lovely Ewan McGregor!!) and worked at the Crieff Hydro Hotel - a huge leisure hotel set in 900 acres of beautiful Scottish countryside. I loved the snow, the mountains, the whole village life. But soon the city girl in me started to resurface and I had to move on.

So, one day my two Aussie friends, Mandy and Lisa and I opened our Great Britain atlas and, not being quite ready to make the leap from Crieff to London, we chose Manchester - situated nicely in the middle of both.

Packing our life once again, this time into a hire car, we got behind the wheel, braved the M6 and headed for Manchester - home of the awesome Manchester United and Take That - what more could a girl want?

We soon settled into Manchester and it felt like a real home. But inevitably, the drag back home became stronger and so after a year in the North West, the packing began again - this time we were homewardbound.

It was strange being home again too - like living in a new place. It took me a while to realise that I'd been bitten by the travel bug and that it was terminal.

So after a few years, here I am again, planning to once again pack my life into one suitcase (weighing no more than 20 kgs, of course!), jump on that plane and travel to the other side of the world.

This time, I think I am ready for London....will it be ready for me?
There are so many places I still have to see...so many things I still want to do...

And so, this blog will make that journey with me and be a lasting memory of all my adventures when I finally get to that place where I settle down and look back over my life...whenever that will be!


A Confused Take That Fan said...

Good luck on your quest for London. If you can do Manchester you can deffo do London. Why do you want to leave the lovely Oz though?? Funny how we all think the grass is greener. Maybe we could do a quick life swap??

Miss_Corrine said...

I just stumbled across your blog in a quest to find information about living in London, and already, I'm hooked! :) I also live in Australia, and am obsessed with the idea of packing up one day and moving to London, so I think what you're doing is fantastic! Good luck with your new adventures, and I can't wait to read more!