Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back for Good

OK. I know it's been an unforgivable three weeks since my last blog, but yes, I'm still alive. Just in case anyone was wondering!

I have all the usual excuses. Problems with my internet connection. Too busy at work. Too tired at the end of the day. The flu that lasted for two whole weeks. They are all true, but still I apologise for my absence.

Not that I've really done anything blog-worthy in the entire month of January, unless you count an endless stream of music classes, mealtime tantrums, freezing cold days, nights with no central heating, playdates (including one where 6-year-olds' friend actually did a poo right on the middle of the carpet!), school runs, ballet classes (for the kids, not for me!), swimming lessons (same!), etc, etc, etc...

I think I might have forgotten something. Oh yeah. My life. Forgot for a moment that I actually have one! There are some exciting things on the horizon though. My boss has been sorting out the family travel plans for the first half of this year. In two weeks, were off to France again (and I promise to post pictures this time!). Then in April, it's a trip to Morocco. Summer holidays is Portugal, followed by a trip to Washington DC and Georgia in the US. That should give me plenty of things to blog about.

As for my life in London, it's plodding along. I really feel like I live here now. I really need to get out and do some more touristy things in my own adopted city.

I really need the cold weather to stop.

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