Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Snapshot (and a little bit more!)

This shot is of The Albert Memorial in Hyde Park, opposite the Royal Albert Hall. I just love the colour of the storm clouds and the way the gold of the spire stands out. The clouds do remind me a bit of Queensland summer afternoons, spent on the deck watching the storms roll in.

The reason I was at the Royal Albert Hall was for Hillsong's Colour Conference last Friday and Saturday. This was an awesome weekend, spent with thousands of women from all over the globe.

The rest of this week has been pretty normal, except we did have a power blackout on Sunday, lasting for a couple of days (due mostly to it being a bank holiday weekend and no parts available). My first here, but something that again reminded me of home.

The next few weeks are going to be busy. My boss starts his new job this week, which is awesome as he has been looking for a long time, so that means that I get to work some longer hours. It works out good all round.

Also, you'll be pleased to know (!!) that my birthday parcel finally arrived from home last Saturday after all the disruptions caused by the volcanic ash from the Eyjafjallajokull glacier (don't be too impressed - I copied and pasted that name from Google!!).

This present weekend marks my departure from home one year ago. Wow. Where has the time gone?

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