Friday, May 8, 2009

20 kgs!

With only three days to go before I fly out of Australia, I seem to have come down with the flu! This is quite possibly the worst time to feel sick! Not only will the flying be really uncomfortable for my poor ears, but with all the drama about swine flu that's going around, I keep having visions of myself stuck in quarantine for days on end and having my picture all over the news as the latest victim of the "pandemic". These visions usually come at night, when I really should be getting a good night sleep so I can feel my best. Add to that, the stress of realising that I won't be able to fit everything in my suitcase and will have to keep culling items so I can keep it below 20kgs!

Personally, I think 20kgs to move your life overseas is ridiculous! Even after shipping a second suitcase to the UK, seeing your life fit into two suitcases is pretty sad.

This has been an interesting week. On the happy side, I finished work and have had plenty of time to get stuff done, catch up with friends and get excited about the move. On a sadder note, I sold my car this week. That was hard. My little red car has been through a lot with me and it was difficult to let it go. While my car was a symbol of my freedom, selling my car was a symbol of the start of a new chapter in my life - stepping out and living the dream.

Today, I just need to make a trip to the bank for a final statement in case they quiz me at customs, meet some friends for lunch, buy my nana a Mother's Day present and clean my house. Tomorrow, the family are all out for a Mother's Day lunch and on Sunday, after my last Sunday at church, I have a wedding to go to.

Then Monday, I'm off!

I spoke to my friend in Abu Dhabi yesterday and now I'm really looking forward to my holiday in the UAE. It looks like we'll be spending some time in Dubai too. Very exciting!

OK. Time to get back to work on that suitcase. 20 kgs....!

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