Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday Snapshot (in the grip of World Cup fever!)

You can't turn the corner in London at the moment without seeing something like this in pretty much every shop window. This town is truly in the grip of World Cup fever! (What I love are the ads on TV saying if you buy a big screen TV to watch the World Cup and England win the final, then they'll give you 100% money back! The joke would be on them if England do win!!).

It has made me think back on the past few World Cup's...where I was, who I was with. In 2002, I was in Adelaide, South Australia and even though Australia didn't qualify, I still remember watching the games, especially when Uruguay were playing. My friends were house-sitting a fantastic place with a swimming pool and our friend Rudy, who was from Uruguay, got us all into the World Cup Spirit.

Fast-forward four years, Australia had qualified, I was now living in Queensland and I woke up way too early to watch the Australia v Italy (i.e. Big Fakers!) game with my niece who was 8. Even though Australia lost tragically to Italy that day, I couldn't be too sad...especially since I had drawn Italy in the office sweep and ended up pocketing $60!

Now, it's 2010, I'm living in London and forced to endure the pain of watching Australia's games with British commentary! Everywhere you look, all you see is red and white. St George flags are flying from every car (even from some peoples heads!). I wonder if Australia is decked out in the colours?

This World Cup, I'll cheer for England when they play, with every one else...unless, of course, they are playing Australia. My heart is Green and Gold.

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Anna said...

heeey! Italy legitimately won australia in 2006!
No freaking way.

Besides, losing with the world champions is not that bad really.

(I actually watched the germany-oz match yesterday night. oh gosh that WAS bad!)