Saturday, April 24, 2010

Marge...Marge...the planes are 'ere!

This week saw the return of planes to the skies over London. Having just gotten used to the sounds of living under a flight path from Heathrow, it was amazing to be able to hear the birds singing again and enjoy the peace and quiet, only for the planes to be back in the skies a week later. There were a few of those moments of total silence that probably go unnoticed anywhere else, but in London can make it seem just a little bit unnatural. Don't get me wrong, that is a very good thing the planes are flying again. Unfortunately, it did not bring my birthday parcel from home in time for Thursday.

Oh, well.

On my birthday, thanks to my lovely bosses, I had the day off and decided to head into London as it was a beautiful sunny day. I walked along the Thames to the Tate Gallery, then back across Lambeth Bridge, to Southbank where I had a lovely lunch, listening to Big Ben chime and watching all the people frantically doing some last minute training for the London Marathon on Sunday.

I had that feeling again, seeing all the tourists on Westminster Bridge, that I live here and can come here whenever I want.

Here's some pics:

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