Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bonjour, tout le monde!

Bonjour from Paris!

Today started at 2.00am for me, after four hours sleep, a drive through sleepy London to St Pancras station to board the Eurostar to Paris! The train trip was uneventful and after wandering around Gare du Nord, we eventually found our Metro line and made our way to our hotel. The room was ready, and even though I couldn't remember the word for "thank you so much", I think my wide smile got the message across.

Dumping our bags and arming ourselves with maps, we headed out to explore, and promptly went the wrong way! But who cares? We are in Paris!

Here's where we went today:

Tonight, we're headed back out to see it all lit up.

Au revoir!

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Paula said...

It all looks and sounds terrific. Well done for getting there in one piece, and hope you're having a fabulous time. Looking forward to more photos and stories. :)