Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday Snapshot (and a little bit more!)

Today, I went to Covent Garden. Loved it!

I love stumbling across random things and instead of a photo this week, here is a video of some street performers at Covent Garden today. I arrived a bit late into their set so I have no idea who they are, but they were amazing!

This week has been an interesting one. On Monday, I checked my bank balance in my Australian account to check if my sister had paid the money in for my fridge that was sold a few weeks back and I found an amount of money that I was not expecting. In other words, it was a LOT more than I was expecting! I called my bank in Australia and asked them what the amount was for.

It turns out that it was my tax return. Apparently, I had paid too much tax and received a lump sum payment as a result. The ATO was now my new best friend. As great as this was, this left me with the question of the best way to transfer this money to my UK account.

After searching the web, I went with Tranzfers, a company recommended by, an essential site for any person wishing to move to the UK. They gave me a great exchange rate and my first transfer was free, compared to the almost $100 my bank was going to charge me. I highly recommend them.

So this week has been a good one, and next week will be even better once I have the money in my account (delayed, thanks to another Royal Mail strike!).

Now, about that shopping list...


Paula said...

I've been enjoying all your blog posts.

Wonderful news about your tax return. And a great tip about the money transfer, it is something I have wondered about myself.

Sarah said...

Great video. They would have been so cool to see live.